The vertical conveyor system can convey goods continuously, both in bottom-to-top
and top-to-bottom conveying. The compact-size lifter saves installation space (comparing with the traditional conveyor belt that requires a long inclined space). It comes with a beautiful design, easy installation, user friendly. Our company is a leader in designing and manufacturing machines that meet engineering standards. This vertical conveyor can support a part weights up to 20 Kg., it can be used in various industrial fields such as food, cosmetics, chemicals, automotive, electronic fields.

          Convey and transport products that speed does matter in the manufacturing process, the lifter meets every aspect of conveying task, especially in space-saving; additional options can be included to meet the customer’s need. Examples of products used in conveying are
- Packages: cartons, envelopes, water bottles coming in packs, canned food comes in packs, and gallon buckets
– Industrial parts:  automotive, electric, electronics, and other industrial parts.
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