Leak Test Machine
The leak testing machine is a machine design that uses automatic and manual testing equipment to check if the tested product passes the determined standard under the labels NG (Not Good = Failed) or OK (OK = Passed). It is ideal for parts and packaging commonly used in the automotive industry, electrical and machinery industry, and food and pharmaceutical industry.

There are different testing concepts as follows:

 1. Automotive, electrical and machinery industries adopt the air leaking test concept with a part by using a pressure and airflow controller to control the vacuum value that will verify the leak on the part, to make sure it will meet the determined standard value (NG and OK labels)

2. Food and pharmaceutical industry most used a leak testing machine for packaging such as bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, buckets, gallons, candy sachets, plastic sachets, etc. by using the vacuum process. The test can be done with both water-based and non-water-based methods depending on the packaging’s type.
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