Parts cleaning machine Ultrasonic Washer

The ultrasonic washer is a cleaning machine with a frequency to wash out contaminants from objects or parts. The objects or parts will be immersed in a tank containing the fluid. The high frequency will enter the liquid inside the tank causing the rapid formation and collapse of air bubbles. This phenomenon is called “cavitation”. These bubbles travel rapidly inside the tank, hitting themselves with the surface of the object that is immersed, and release enormous energy. When air bubbles burst, the cavitation phenomenon will occur. The capability to clean filthiness adhering firmly with the object comes from the transducer.



Therefore, the cleaning capacity of the ultrasonic washer is derived from the efficiency of transducers. There are several variants to be taken into account when cleaning objects with a high-frequency washer, such as

– Heat

– Ultrasonic power

– Ultrasonic frequency

– Type of  cleaning solvent

– Cleaning time


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