Part washer machine

             It is used for cleaning manufacturing parts such as automotive, electronic, or any other industrial parts as required. The design is divided into zones: spray cleaning with a water circulation system through the nozzle and flow through the removable and cleanable debris screen. Additionally thanks to, a water filtration system (filter) and oil skimmer used in the process of keeping the water clean, water recycling can be applied in the cleaning process. A washer with a hot water system can be designed with an electric heating system or a steam system. The system comes with a cleaning solution mixing system that can set the level of concentration as well as a blower that blows air back into the system to reduce the level of water loss.

Industrial parts washer can be designed and added some functions depending on working area and working process of customers

- The rotary indexing industrial parts washer is a form of washing that is run by only one person: putting parts in and out from the same side, one piece at a time.
- The continuous parts washer is a system of cleaning that requires two technicians: putting parts in and out from both sides of the machine in a continuous manner.
- Other part cleaning systems according to usage


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