Balancer Arm, Lifting Device, Industrial Manipulator, Balancer

Mechanical arm for lifting, this labor-saving tool allows heavy loads from 5-150 kg. to be lifted by a pneumatic system. The mechanical arm can be rotated 360 degrees, covering a radius of 2.50 meters. The clamp-unclamp chuck (attachment) contains a brake system to lock the arm at the desired position and to seize the movement of the chuck.
TR Modern manufactures and sells lifting machines, labor-saving machines with pneumatic systems (Air Balancer, Manipulator). We can design, customize and install all forms of lifter corresponding with the customers’ usages, such as boxes, buckets, sacks, iron, automotive parts, metal parts, cement bags, and plastic containers. The labor-saving machine will keep the objects in a weightless condition where the technicians do not need to use their force; this reduces fatigue and accidents at work and enhances the product conveying performance.
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